New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (NHBB)

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General Inspector

General Inspector

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7am - 3:30pm

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Occupational Summary:

As a general inspector, you will be responsible for the surveillance of processes, product, and quality through a functional area that may include shop floor, assembly or receiving inspection.


Duties and responsibilities:

There are three (3) major functional areas:  Assembly, Shop Floor, or Receiving. Within each of these areas, there are sub areas as follows:


Assembly                                 Shop Floor                              Receiving

Pre Assembly                           CNC                                        Receiving

In Process                                Hardness

Final Assembly                                    Tumble

Final Transfers                         Mid Size

Final Ship                                Grind Floor

                                                OD Grind

                                                Final Rings

                                                Final Retainer


                                                Bore Sort


It is expected that you will be assigned and become proficient in a minimum of one (1) of these sub areas.


The following represent general inspection functions which may or may not be required depending upon the functional area or sub area in which you are assigned:


Perform visual inspection of miniature bearing assemblies, and/or bearing components, using microscope and the unaided eye.


Perform dimensional inspection using mechanical and visual inspection equipment, such as: optical comparator,  Contour reader, MicroVu, dial indicators, inspection hand tools, surface plates, height gauges, air gauges, specialized bearing measurement equipment, and gauge blocks.  Verify calibration of gauges using standards furnished by the Metrology department


Measure bearing assemblies and/or component features such as: roundness, hardness, concentricity, perpendicularity, flatness, sphericity, surface finish, surface noise and vibration levels, starting torque and running torque, using specialized equipment


Read and understand drawings, specifications, procedures, standards and instructions.  Write inspection rejection reports in accordance with company procedures, and maintain detailed inspection records using appropriate forms.


Complete basic control charts, run charts, prepare charts, and histograms.  Perform detailed First Article Inspection (first piece) in Shop and Assembly of all components or bearings


Communicate with Manufacturing & Quality personnel and other disciplines as required in a timely and professional manner.


Make recommendations regarding quality and manufacturing improvements as needed


Job Skills:

High School diploma or equivalent


2-3 years in NHBB manufacturing experience in areas such as grind, turning, and/or assembly is preferred


Ability to use a microscope and all other NHBB measuring equipment including electronic and computer based


Vision requirements:

Distant Vision:  minimum requirement shall be equal to Snellen 14/18, or  20/40, or better, in at least one eye, either corrected or uncorrected.


Near Vision:  Minimum requirement shall be Snellen 14/18; Jaeger type 1 or 2 – 20/25; or Ortho-Rated 8; or equivalent, in at least one eye, either corrected or uncorrected.


Color Vision:  Average or normal (4 of 6 responses on Titmus, B+L, or American Optical testing machine or a satisfactory response when checked with an Ishihara or Pseudoiscromatic plate).


Ability to lift 40 lbs


Other Requirements:

Ability to convert between inch to metric and perform basic calculations using the decimal system is preferred


Ability to read and understand complex written and verbal instructions in English


Able to be flexible and respond to the changing needs of the organization


Physical job requirements may include standing, use of hands to carry out job functions as well as sitting, lifting, carrying, bending and stooping during the course of the job.